Fireplace Repair

Few things tie a room together better than a fireplace. One of the most attractive ways for you to detail your living room or family space, it creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. However, fireplaces can be fragile and that often leads to them getting damaged. Small cracks and breaks can quickly become exaggerated and can result in much more serious issues if not properly dealt with. That is why, if you ever find your fireplace is damaged in any way, you should be getting it fixed right away. You want to preserve your fireplace as best you can and for that reason, you need to ensure that you are calling us. At Kalamazoo Masonry Experts, we would be glad to help you with any repairs that you need to make and will make sure that you can continue to get the most from your fireplace, for the longest time possible. 

Brick Fireplace Repair 
Bricks never fail to give a classic and charming style to a fireplace. But they can be delicate materials, susceptible to crumbling, cracking, and mortar deterioration. And the longer these kinds of issues go untreated, the more likely they are to become brittle and worn. Luckily, before your brick fireplace can worsen, you can always count on us to be there for you. Our team can promise you comprehensive brick fireplace repair services, whether you need simple brick restoration, crack filling, or material replacements. Simply allow us to inspect the state of yours and we’ll make sure we apply the most appropriate fix. 

Stone Fireplace Repair 
Equally, if you have a stone fireplace suffering similar kinds of damages, you can rest assured that we are just as capable of helping you. Our crew members are experts when it comes to stonework. So, you can bet we can promise you a seamless, premium fix under any circumstances. Again, just leave us to investigate the extent of the damages yours is facing and we’ll be sure to apply the most suitable curative treatment. 

Chimney Repair 
In addition to our fireplace repair services, our team can also assure you of comprehensive chimney repair solutions. A damaged chimney can be a dangerous thing to have at home, threatening to come crashing down on your roof or to the ground below at any moment. Things like crumbling brickwork, spalling, and deterioration can quickly become something much more severe, costly, and hazardous. For this reason, you need to make sure that you contact us at the earliest signs of any issues so that we can help you to avoid the worst possible consequences. 

Chimney Tuckpointing 
And, if you specifically require chimney tuckpointing, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to learn that our expert team is up to the task. We have a wealth of experience handling these sorts of issues and so, can guarantee you a restorative job every single time. Again, just be sure to contact us at the earliest possible opportunity and one of our most adept contractors will be there to assist you.