When you need the very best in Michigan masonry, there is only one team you need to be turning to. The leading providers of premium brick and natural stone masonry and the number one rated stonework contractors in Kalamazoo, we are Kalamazoo Masonry Experts. You can depend on us for all your masonry plans and needs, no matter what they are. Our team offers an adept level of skill and expertise and can subsequently assure you of the finest services every time you place your faith in us.






About Us
Our team is at the forefront of our industry, serving our local area with the highest caliber services around. No other team in the region can compare to our high standards and few can come close to the experience and knowledge that our stone masonry contractors have to offer. That is why we are currently the most trusted and highly acclaimed team in the city, with a reputation that speaks for itself. Everybody knows that they can count on us for immaculate, customized stonework, knowing that we will always deliver the finest results for the fairest prices.

Our Services
 We offer an eclectic range of services, encoSo, the next time you have plans to make a stone masonry installation or development, you know you can depend on us.mpassing every area of our industry and always to the highest standards. Whether you are looking to explore masonry brickwork, stonemasonry repair, retaining wall installation, or even masonry building restoration services, you can count on us every time. Therefore, no matter what you have planned, be sure to give us a call and discuss your needs. We can always tailor an according service and deliver you the superior installations you require.

Concrete Kalamazoo

When you need the best in concrete Kalamazoo has to offer, you always need to come to us. At Kalamazoo Masonry Experts, we provide our clients with a premium level of concreting, with a diverse range of services. Our Kalamazoo concrete contractors are the best in the business, with the skills and experience to handle absolutely any area of the industry. From new concrete installations, such as concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete block garden walls, and
concrete paving, to comprehensive concrete repair, you can count on us for it all.

Fireplace Repair

Additionally, we can offer you full-disposal support with your masonry fireplace. A fireplace is a gorgeous feature to flaunt inside your home and one that is worth protecting. That is why we are glad to say that
we can provide you with our exemplary fireplace masonry repair and restoration solutions. For all brick and stone masonry fireplaces, we can promise expert support for any issue. Furthermore, you can count
on us for chimney and masonry repair services as well, whenever you notice an issue with yours. Just make sure you give us a call and we can help you get your fireplace and chimney back to full quality once

Retaining Walls

At Kalamazoo Masonry Experts, retaining wall services are among our most popular. Masonry materials are the ideal thing for retaining wall installations and our expertise in the field only serves to accentuate
that efficacy. We create incredible masonry block retaining wall fixtures for clients, helping to transform their landscapes and terrain in the process. Our retaining wall contractors are the best in the business, offering the lowest cost of retaining wall construction in town. So, if you demand the best in retaining wall blocks in Kalamazoo, MI, you know you always need to come to us.



“Kalamazoo Masonry Experts did an awesome job with my new paved patio
installation. Their attention to aesthetic detail was incredible, combining some
beautiful materials for a gorgeous final product. I am so happy with the results!”
– Katherine P


“I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the services I received from Kalamazoo
Masonry Experts. Truly the best in the business. I couldn’t fault their approach
to the task, and they got the job done so quickly, with a can-do attitude
throughout.” – Freya D


“The guys at Kalamazoo Masonry Experts offer exemplary services for
affordable prices. That is why I trust them with all my home masonry
installation needs, every time.” – James E

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Brick Restoration

Another area of expertise we may be able to provide you support in is brick restoration. Over time, masonry bricks deteriorate and lose their quality and charm. They crumble and crack, and slowly depreciate until they are ineffective. However, you can rectify that completely by
seeking out our brick restoration services, at Kalamazoo Masonry Experts. You can count on us for loose brick repair, residential brick, and mortar repair, and to repair cracks in brick walls whenever you need them. Just give us a call when there is something we can do for
you, and we’d be glad to offer our support

Masonry Tuckpointing

Furthermore, we can promise each of our clients of our expert masonry tuckpointing services. Tuckpointing is a specialist area of masonry restoration and one which only the most adept teams can offer. Fortunately, our tuckpointing company is comprised of some of
the finest tuckpointing contractors Kalamazoo has to offer. So, if you ever find you require these specialist services for your property, make sure you come to us right away.


Paving Contractors

And, if you ever need any paving services for your property, you know you can rely on our crew. At Kalamazoo Masonry Experts, paving installation is yet another of our most popular service areas and one,
which we are always glad to provide. Our paving contractors know exactly what must be done to get the best out of any type of concrete paving, brick paving, or masonry paving. So, don’t hesitate to call our
paving company whenever you need us and take advantage of all we have to provide.


So, if you feel as if there is anything our leading masonry
company could do for you, don’t hesitate to call us today.
Let us know about all your needs and we would be more
than glad to serve you in any way we can.